Youth at the Heart of the President’s Change Agenda

In the womb of a semi-rigid system, with scarce means, and the most prominent feature of its human resources being idleness, the train of reforming the culture, youth, sports sector was launched. It radically reconsiders the structural system of the Department and the strategies it has followed in a clear embodiment of approaches whose sole goal is to revive the role of the cultural sector and its presence in the national arena. It also enabled the Department to perform the tasks assigned within the program of the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, which the Mauritanian people approved in the elections of 19 July 2019.

Thus, the Department has worked to establish a culture of commitment and participation in the minds of young people, advance this category of society, and root national values in them. Besides, the Department worked on establishing a promising future based on the pillars of our historically significant heritage and culture and on fully reviving and preserving our rich and diverse arsenal of values in the context of exchange and diversity. Not to mention that it enhances creativity, generates innovation, and contributes to creating a cultural and recreational space that enables the creation of an environment that meets the aspirations of young people and protects them from the clutches of deviation and extremism.

In this context, the Ministry has set goals and priorities through a well-defined strategy, which set the period 2021-2024 as a time frame for implementing the main axes of this strategy. The latter revolves mainly around institutional reforms, raising the level of human cadre, preparing it for its necessary infrastructure, and tight planning for programs and targeted activities with more search for fruitful partnerships.

Recently, the Culture Department has been keen on building infrastructures relating to culture, youth, sports, giving attention to culture men, valuing knowledge, and promoting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, in addition to the substantial efforts made toward institutionalizing and strengthening the ties between the sectors of culture, youth, and sports.

The Ministry of Culture and Youth sought to create spaces appropriate for cultural and sports activities in a streamlined atmosphere that contributes to the prosperity of youth. The efforts focused on creating favorable conditions for participation, training, employment, and integration, as well as promotion of culture, thanks to the tight organization of social and educational activities, cultural festivals, exhibitions, competitions, forums, conferences, and various sports and recreational activities throughout the year.

In parallel with these activities, the Ministry activated several measures to revitalize and restructure the sector and strengthen the associative organizations by continuously supporting them to enhance their service role.

In this respect and for the sake of efficient work, the Department has recently begun implementing its new vision with a new style. The most vivid example of that was the organization of the last Heritage Cities Festival in its new form, embodying a model for this transformation and orientation.

Thanks to its new vision, the strategy of the Department of Culture, Youth, and Sports is in perfect harmony with the program of the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani. This program seeks to raise the level of cultural and youth programs and push them forward as part of a practical dynamic that contributes to the progress and prosperity of this sector.

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