Commentary /AMI/: AU Presidency in Safe Hands

Unanimously, the 37th Ordinary Summit of the African Union has just elected His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El-Ghazouani, the President of the Republic, to head of the African Union.

It is proof of the great confidence placed in this leader, known and recognized for his charisma, leadership, political maturity, wisdom, interpersonal skills, and proven interest in Africa.

It is also a recognition of the proactive diplomacy that he has been able to mark in his efforts to resolve the continent’s problems, as evidenced by his incessant calls in all forums around the world for the pure and simple cancellation of Africa’s cumulative debt.

It is also a recognition of his ability to build an effective security architecture at a time when the continent faces numerous security challenges and must capitalize on the Mauritanian experience in this area, especially since the President of the Republic is the architect of a successful strategy to combat terrorism.

He takes office at a particular moment in the political, economic, and security life of the continent.

Indeed, Africa is faced with a multitude of challenges in terms of development and numerous issues linked to immigration, the growing threat of terrorism, the fragility of democratic and governance systems, and the persistence of poverty and climate change, to name just a few.

His term at the head of the Organization also comes less than six months before the official entry of the African Union into the G-20, which will be a new space in which the President of the Republic and AU President-in-Office will be able to amplify advocacy in favor of the continent and where he will work to reform the United Nations to ensure the strengthening of Africa’s presence in its governing bodies, by obtaining a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and raising Africa to its rightful place on the international scene.

A situation of which the President of the Republic and AU President-in-Office is fully aware as illustrated by his commitment to achieving the objectives of the fundamental institutions of the Organization and working to accelerate and facilitate political, social, and economic integration of the continent. It is also a commitment to strengthen the common positions of its countries on Issues that concern the continent and its people to achieve peace, security, and support for democracy and human rights.

As a man of dialogue and consultation strongly imbued with African wisdom, he will constantly seek consensual and innovative solutions in the management of various issues to restore peace, stability, and security in the continent and instill an inclusive dynamic of development and economic integration.

By entrusting him with the reins of power to head of their Union, African leaders are certain of having chosen the man who has the capacity and qualities to assume responsibility for such a mission.

Mauritania and the Mauritanians are grateful to them for this great mark of confidence, for this choice which will not fail to translate into concrete actions in favor of a more peaceful, more reconciled, and more visible and influential Africa on the international scene.

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