Fourth African Forum for Promoting of Peace: Presentations, Round Tables on “Original Education in Africa”

The first day of the 4th African Forum for Promoting Peace, which opened on 10 January in Nouakchott, was marked by numerous presentations and discussion sessions on the theme of original education in Africa and its role in intellectual security and the fight against extremism.

The first scientific session was held under the title “Original education in Africa… Roots of Knowledge and Bridges of Knowledge”, the contributions of original educational institutions in Africa (Al-Zaytouna Mosque, the Chinguit Mahdhara, Al-Azhar al-Sharif, and Bir University in Senegal).

Dr. Sahbi from the sisterly Republic of Tunisia dedicated his presentation to highlighting the efforts of the scholars of Al-Zaytouna Mosque in spreading the culture of coexistence and brotherhood, citing some of its most eminent scholars such as Ibn al-Hajib, al-Qayrawani, and others.

In his speech, Dr. Mohamedou Ould Hzhana highlighted the role of the Chinguit Mahdhara in the dissemination of science and the promotion of peace and fraternity in Africa.

Dr. Ahmed Mamdouh from the Arab Republic of Egypt discussed the historical contributions of Al-Azhar Mosque under the title: “Al-Azhar al-Sharif, the beacon of knowledge and the mantle of peace”, indicating that this institution formed an incubator for all Islamic sects which coexisted in its reconciled and fraternal embrace.

Cheikh Taher Fall de la République du Sénégal a expliqué à travers la Mahdara Bir au

Sheikh Taher Fall from the Republic of Senegal explained, through the Bir Mahdara in Senegal, the history of the emergence of the ancient Mahdara in Senegal, and the most important dissemination of science and noble Islamic values by it.

The second session was marked by a conference entitled “The Role of original education in intellectual security and the fight against extremism.”

The first axis of the session included a presentation by Mr. Ahmed Ould Neinni on the role of the Chinguit Mahdhara in the dissemination of peace and moderate thought, while another presentation on the role of cells and scientific councils in the dissemination of the values of peace and moderation was presented by Mr. Ahmed Nour al-Helou from the Republic of Chad. A third axis, presented by Professor Jeilani al-Marini from the Kingdom of Morocco, dealt with the role of Moroccan villagers and scholars in  disseminating the values of peace and moderation. The fourth presentation focused on the role of original education in the dissemination of the values of peace and moderation.