Petroleum and Environment Ministers Visit MAGMA Laboratory in Nouakchott

Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy and Government Spokesman, Nani Ould Chrougha, and Minister of Environment Lalia Ali Kamra, accompanied by the Director General of the Mauritania Minerals Agency, Ba Othmane, visited the MAGMA laboratory on Monday in Nouakchott.

The delegation listened to a technical presentation on innovative methods of processing and extracting traditional gold without the use of harmful substances such as mercury, presented by the General Manager of MAGMA, Mr. Mohammed Abd-Rahman Ahmed Khalifa, explaining how to carry out this process by using new mercury-free concentration techniques, integrating traditional equipment, and improving production yield using new extraction techniques.

The delegation also heard a presentation on a pilot project for artisanal and small-scale gold mining, aimed at developing gold processing methods, raising awareness among artisanal gold mining actors, as well as helping gold miners formalize.


MAGMA Group has more than 15 years of experience in the metals field and is the leading private geotechnical laboratory in Africa, as well as a network of partner laboratories in the Maghreb and Europe.


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