Minister of Agriculture Meets With Qatari Minister of Municipality

On 20 February, in Doha, the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Memma Beibat Hamahoullah, met with Mr. Abdullah bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Attiya, the Qatari Minister of Municipality. 

During the meeting, the two men discussed the prospects for cooperation between the two brotherly countries, particularly in the food security area. 

Both sides stressed the importance of intensifying efforts to address the crises the world is exposed to due to wars, epidemics, and climate change, in addition to the significant increase in the planet’s population. 

Mr. Hamahoullah reiterated the availability of our country to lay the foundations for cooperation, which ensures the promotion of the common interests of the two countries, drawing attention to the fact that the agricultural potential of Mauritania and the climate of security and tranquility it enjoys make it eligible to receive investors, especially since it is close to international markets and works to diversify opportunities and areas of investment. Mr. Al Attiya warned of the specificity of the current global situation, which now requires strict measures to ensure food security, noting that integration efforts between brothers can help bridge part of the food deficit and that current conditions have become conducive to achieving such a goal. 

The two ministers gave instructions for holding meetings between technicians from the two ministries to determine aspects of cooperation that serve food security in the two countries.

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