Mauritanian-Moroccan Economic Forum Concludes


The new joint business council has recommended the formation of technical committees to study areas in which investment is made to start work on urgent projects such as fishing and agriculture, the president of the National Union of Mauritanian Employers (UNEM), Mohamed Zine El Abidine Ould Cheikh Ahmed, told the press on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of the Mauritanian-Moroccan Business Forum in Nouakchott.

The head of Mauritanian employers added that the joint committees will work to speed up communication mechanisms between the two parties and work and follow-up at the short and medium levels.

For his part, CGEM President Chakib leelej stressed that there is an existing integration unit between the Mauritanian and Moroccan economies that will in the future be a tool for important investments.

During the reception, he reviewed with the Prime Minister the areas of trade exchange between Morocco and Mauritania, he said, recalling that Morocco is one of the first African investors in Mauritania.

He added that the Moroccan businessmen delegation met with the ministers of fisheries and marine economy, animal development, trade, industry, handicrafts and tourism, and discussed opportunities in these strategic sectors that will strengthen the Mauritanian-Moroccan economic partnership.

The Mauritanian-Moroccan Economic Forum lasted two days between bilateral and multilateral meetings between the private sector and the public sector as a way to strengthen partnerships, diversify and expand economic integration mechanisms between the two countries.

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