Government Spokesman: ”We Have Not Signed Any Agreement With the Europeans on Migration, and There Is a Campaign To Intimidate Citizens’

On 21 February, in Nouakchott, Mr. Nani Ould Chrouqha, the Minister of Oil, Mines, and Energy, Government Spokesman, expressed his astonishment at the goals of the ‘black’ campaign carried out by some regarding migration to intimidate citizens, stressing that no one can outbid the government in its loyalty and love for the homeland.

In his response to a question on this subject, while commenting on the results of the Council of Ministers meeting, he denied the existence of any agreement between Mauritania and the European Union so far regarding the migration file, noting that what happened was that Mauritania demanded the establishment of a cooperative framework with the Union in the field of migration due to the local and regional conditions.

The Minister stated that the current relationship in the field of migration is a bilateral relationship between Mauritania and Spain since 2003, and that given the change in many situations, Mauritania has called for it to be reviewed, which is what is currently taking place, stressing that the discussion is taking place with the European Union on many pressing issues to protect our borders.

In his answer to a question about His Excellency the President of the Republic’s presidency of the African Union, the government spokesman affirmed that this position was deservedly won by His Excellency the President of the Republic, given the unique qualities he possesses that qualified him to be unanimously agreed upon by everyone, as a result of his wisdom and skill in dealing with international issues. He hoped his term would be a period of goodness and blessing for our people and the entire continent.


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