Prime Minister Receives FANAF President

On 21 February, in Nouakchott, the Prime Minister, Mr. Mohamed Ould Bilal Messoud, received the bureau of the Federation of African National Insurance Companies (FANAF), led by Mr. Cesar Yekume Infini, its President.

The meeting was an opportunity to review the results of the FANAF General Assembly, held in our country, which discussed the cooperative relations between Mauritania and this African organization.

At the end of the meeting, the FANAF President told the Mauritanian news agency that he had had the privilege of meeting the Prime Minister, to whom he presented a summary of the results of the 48th FANAF General Assembly, noting that he and the delegation accompanying him are satisfied with this session which took place in good conditions.

He said the session was an opportunity for fruitful exchanges with eminent international experts on the global stage on insurance topics. It tried, he said, to see to what extent insurance could be used in the service of economic and social development in Africa, in addition to other subjects linked to the main theme, which attracted the attention of the participants.

The FANAF boss added that the 48th General Assembly allowed him and his delegation to collect many ideas which will be used to undertake activities likely to contribute to achieving the objectives that the Federation is pursuing.

He noted that the conference was an opportunity to inform the Mauritanian government of the relevance of the approach adopted by the FANAF, based on the need to establish partnerships with States to use the savings accumulated by insurance institutions for the benefit of the economic and social development of African countries.

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