SJM Shows Solidarity With Palestinian People

On 19 October, in front of the United Nations headquarters in Nouakchott, the Mauritanian Journalists’ Union ((SJM) organized a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people, subjected to perpetual aggression from the Israeli occupation affecting the entire Gaza Strip.

Journalists, participating in this demonstration, denounced the attack on the Baptist hospital of Ghaza, chanting the slogan: ‘the people want to end the occupation’, brandishing photos of the martyrs of the Israeli bombings on Gaza.

The SJM President =, Mr. Ahmed Taleb Ould Maaloum, declared that ”for about two weeks, the Israeli occupation machine has continued its terrible massacres against brothers in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in the Gaza Strip”, as he put it.

He added that this unjust aggression has so far resulted in the death and injury of thousands of innocent citizens, the majority of whom are women and children.

He stressed that the enemy showed, from the beginning, its willingness to falsify facts and mislead world public opinion by presenting misleading information which the world quickly discovered to be false, although some continued to repeat them to market this false version of events and accept the shedding of Palestinian blood.

Ould Maaloum added that, in this context, it is not surprising that fellow journalists are on the front line of those targeted because “those who seek to distort the truth are the first enemy of journalists, although this profession does not represent a crime.”

He called for an immediate end to this criminal attack, which unambiguously reveals the falsity of the concept of the ‘civilized world’, which some have denounced for several decades, calling for the protection of journalists and the incrimination of those responsible for these crimes.




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