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Nouadhibou, on the Atlantic coast, roundabout of great Maritimes lines, not far away from Europe, northern gate of African sub-Sahara and western Mediterranean naturally is the land of meetings and business exchanges.
Its location and position has historically been a business sanctuary centuries ago all along the coast and the foundation of fishing companies Port Etienne.
With the emergence of new business networks and financing, Nouadhibou is more and more a center for exchanges and a big area for economic opportunities and contacts between several continents.
This new status makes it a bridge between North Africa, Africa, Western Europe and America. This gave the city the first economic capital of the country, its external window, and dynamic interface with the rest of the world.
It creates a suitable environment for investors now encouraged by sector codes, good conditions, administrative facilities, safe and secure judicial frame for investors, free enterprises expansion, attractive taxation; customs support services and huge network connectivity.
The investor, regardless of his background as a local or a foreigner, has the privilege of free competition, the right to customs and tax advantages, the right to access to both public and private markets, the right to repatriation to his profits and activities and the access to financial services. In short all rights that a free economy can offer and provisions that a free zone can afford.
Nouadhibou free zone authority has taken the lead by offering advantages of different franchise regimes.
Solid present advantages ,good infrastructure of communications ,political stability , commercial tradition, and experimented labor force, cheap and accessible ,the free zone of Nouadhibou today has all the means to be the gear and the tool of an economic take off and become a future industrial zone of kick –off not only for the city of Dakhlet-Nouadhibou but for the whole country.
For its economic potential, attractive investment conditions and encouragement to the private sector through its infrastructure, service offer and companies skills of its labor forces, it has all necessary to be a regional hub of international level as well able to compete with all free zones in the region.
With its fishing potential which is one of the most abundant in the world, its mineral exports industry, the emergence of the tourism sector and the development of new sectors and services makes Nouadhibou a major economic center.
The will of the government to give the city an international economic dimension, the establishment of judicial and technical policies suitable for free trade and enterprise, strengthen the development dynamic in the region.
As well the implementation of new urban development plan, modernization of roads, attention given to the sanitation and cleanliness of the city, port extension into deep water, the construction project of new internal airport completed the design of the free zone towards a true value of potentials and the emerging of a strong and competitive economy at the service of homogeneous and sustainable economic and social development.


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